Confiscation is not conservation!

Underground water is 100 percent solely owned by the landowner in Texas!

The United States of America is a republic. Texas is a republic. In a republic no group or majority vote or legislative act has the right to go against the constitutional rights of the individual. State agencies are attempting to illegally and unconstitutionally move private underground assets into the public domain without compensation to the owners of those assets.

Farmers, without being regulated, have adopted every conservation method known and have accomplished 500 percent crop yield increases on 50 percent of the water that was used in the beginning of irrigation in this region. The founding of the HPWD was sold to the voters of the counties as an entity which would promote conservation and bring new sources of water to the West Texas Plains. It absolutely was not intended or proposed as an agency which would restrict a landowner from his property. Farmers have done their part for conservation and continue to do their part without regulation. The Water District has yet to do all of what they proposed to the original voters of the counties. The Water District never obtained legal conveyance or easement over privately owned underground water or land. They only obtained taxing authority to establish a service area boundary. This service area boundary did not give them authority over private property that lies within that boundary. The public cannot vote away private property from farmers or anyone without legal eminent domain procedure. In recent years, various state agencies have almost succeeded in blurring the lines between public owned and privately owned natural resources.

Why would you give away your property rights to control-driven bureaucracies?

Every West Texas farmer has dealt with depletion since the beginning of irrigation. Some farms have better groundwater formation than others. All privately owned land differs in value of underground assets from one individual owner to the next. The only thing private property owners have in common is the right to sole ownership of what is under their ground. The public does not share your asset and your neighbor does not share your asset.